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W EEKLY EDITION MAY 17, 2017 We Need You! Service Technician Job Analysis Survey By Jeff Wigley, Co - Chair of the PSAI Certificatio n Commission The most valuable asset in our company. The face of our organization to our customers. The manager of the daily service route. The Service Technician is the expert in all of the various functions that are involved in the ultimate success of our industry. As we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the PSAI Certification Program, the Service Technician Job Analysis Survey will further refine and define this position. For the first time ever, we are soliciting the opinion of Service Techs to impr ove upon the success of this program. For these reasons, we are asking everyone to PLEASE recruit and encourage each of your Service Technicians to participate in this most important survey. There are five key areas in which the Service Technician will provide invaluable feedback to the PSAI. These "knowledge domains" are: 1. Transportation and Logistics 2. Servicing Portable Sanitation Equipment 3. Safety and Hazard Management 4. Recordkeeping 5. Professional Demeanor and Conduct As you will observe, each of the a reas can be further sub - divided into more specific tasks for which the Service Technician can provide input. From preparing the truck for the daily route to loading, delivering, and placing units on the route, to successfully servicing each unit on the ro ute, the Service Technician will be ranking the relative importance and knowledge required to accomplish each of these tasks. Other areas that are explored include: operating pump equipment, cleaning procedures, personal protective equipment, spill conta inment, and accident/incident management. In each case, the Service Technician will be asked to draw upon their rich and varied experience in order to evaluate and rate these topics. There is an area of the Survey that deals with recordkeeping , which is critical in maintaining accurate billing records and route maintenance. Disposal records, vehicle inspection, and hours of service are explored. P AGE 2 CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

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