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Association Insight Oct 27 2021

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PSAI Association Insight, October 27, 2021 I 3 Roundtable Topics at Nuts & Bolts (continued from page 2) o Personal protective equipment should be individually assigned, and that person should be responsible for keeping each of these items clean and sanitary o Keeping office area and common use areas, such as break rooms, clean at all times o Reporting when one feels sick or not well o Other? • Creating and Compensating a Sales Force o Dedicated sales force? Admin that spends part-time on sales calls? o Leads—online local permits? Contacting building and construction companies? Driving the area looking for new construction? Inspect existing units while also driving? o Calling on events held in your local area? o Pay a percentage based on the initial order? Part of regular salary and no commission? o Commission or incentive for route service drivers passing on leads for new jobs as they run their weekly routes? As job winds down or a unit(s) pick up—where are you going next or any other future jobs? • Employee Benefits Packages: Health Insurance and More o Start benefits after a training period? 90 days? 6 months? o Offer medical—what is employee out-of-pocket or limits? Does company pay more as seniority increases? o Is dental offered? Offered after a certain time period? o SIMPLE Plans or IRA? Company matches up to a point? Does it vary with seniority? CUSTOMER MODULE • Damage Waivers o Advantages? o Are the terms in writing as to exactly what is covered and what is not? o How is job superintendent informed of the terms if correspondence is sent to office? o When do you start if you don't already use them? o Without discussing actual pricing (against PSAI Rules of Conduct), how do you decide how much to charge? o What about damages to equipment on special events? Is it in your confirmation documentation? Do you offer a damage waiver to event customers? • Collection Strategy and Issues o Do you pull accounts receivable aging reports monthly? Do you pull daily and call new contacts on the report? o What is sequence of communication? Phone call(s)—call once and follow- up sometime after? Send a formal letter? o Finance charges—when? Do you waive sometimes as a collection strategy or special circumstances as explained by the customer? o Turn aged unpaid invoices over to a collection agency? o Work with a company that buys your accounts receivable, and they do all the collections activity? o Payment methods—accept all credit cards or not those with high usage charges? Allow automatic monthly credit card payments for long-term jobs? Online services such as PayPal, Venmo, etc.? • Customer Communication—Electronic Invoicing, Information Sharing, and Social Media o Does everyone email invoices? o Payment online via your website? o Send occasional emails to all customers? New products? Company recognition? Employee service milestone? o If a member of local chamber of commerce, other group or organization, posts on that website, (continued on page 4)

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