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Association Insight, Aug 18, 2021

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2 I PSAI Association Insight, July 7, 2021 Supply chain. One of the hottest discussions of 2021 has revolved around purchasing and supplies. We're going to be addressing it head on. As you know, supply chain disruptions have wreaked havoc on many industries including portable sanitation. This session will give you an up-to-the-minute view on what you can expect for product availability in the coming year, tips about when to order to stay ahead of your needs, and ideas from operators on how to manage various concerns when making purchasing decisions in an uncertain market. Labor shortage. The conference will also be tackling another topic that is gripping the portable sanitation industry right now—the labor shortage. In a two- part interactive workshop, you will gain insight and ideas for successfully navigating the current labor shortage. With so many businesses struggling to attract and retain key personnel, especially drivers, we understand these are desperate times. While there is no one magic silver bullet fix, this workshop is here to help. This help will come from your peers since many heads are better than one. This interactive session will involve learning, sharing, and building a workforce development plan you can take back to your company, as well as a plan the PSAI can work toward at the industry level. It's not a "sit and listen" kind of morning. It's a work together to make things better session, the sort of thing an association does best. You do not want to miss this one! Maybe bring your HR director too! Training—and train the trainer (say that three times fast!) In the portable sanitation industry, the PSAI's Basic Service Technician Training Series is widely viewed as the gold standard for educating field staff. It is Nuts & Bolts Educational Conference (continued from page 1) Greetings from Myrtle Beach! First, there's education. You may be thinking, "This is an education conference, isn't the whole thing educational?" Of course it is! But there are unique sessions that are being prepared for just this moment in time. Tech forum. For various reasons we are not doing a site visit in Myrtle Beach, a staple of most Nuts & Bolts Conferences. Instead the Events Committee is very excited about a portable sanitation- specific Technology Forum they are planning during that timeframe. You lead a portable sanitation company, not a tech firm. This session is where you will get to know the technology available to help you run your business efficiently and safely. Attending this forum will give you a chance to learn about the various technologies that are available, what sorts of companies are using the different options available, get their takes on pros and cons, and lessons learned. You'll hear from operators and vendors, see some of the products demonstrated, and have the chance to talk with others about their experiences. (continued on page 3)

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