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Association Insight Dec 15 2021

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4 I PSAI Association Insight, December 15, 2021 Past Presidents Reflect Upon the PSAI's Past: Michael McCarthy and Mike Pauling (continued from page 2) Michael says that he and Mike Pauling were "brothers in arms" in their work together over this four-year period. At the end of his second year as vice president, Mike Pauling became president and he also served in this position for two years. Michael McCarthy served on the Board as past president for two years as well. These two presidents succeeded in transforming the PSAI into a new era of growth and industry leadership. Michael says that he and Mike Pauling were "brothers in arms" in their work together over this four-year period. Michael continued to serve on various committees and to volunteer his time and experience to the PSAI in the succeeding years. He also involved his family as well as other Mr John employees to become involved with the Association. Sons Chris and Alex continue their involvement with the PSAI and as previously mentioned, Jeff Wolfarth served as PSAI president. When volunteers are needed, thanks to the precedent set by Michael, Mr John is always there to help! Based on his many years of dedicated service, Michael McCarthy was the 2011 recipient of the Andy Gump Award. In summarizing his thoughts on the PSAI, Michael states, "my involvement with the PSAI has made me a better businessperson and a better man. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime." Mike Pauling — President 1992-93 and 1993-94 Strong leaders assert themselves in challenging situations, much to the appreciation of those who are also involved. As described above, the PSAI needed strong leadership during a time of transition and both Michael McCarthy and Mike Pauling provided the leadership that was needed to allow the PSAI to overcome these challenging times. Although we sadly lost Mike on July 18, 2017, his son Derek and daughter Heather kindly shared their thoughts about their father for this article and I am Michael developed a close bond with his Vice President Mike Pauling, and the two, along with the rest of the Board, worked extremely hard to lead, guide, and direct the association during this transition. Bill Carroll was hired as executive director and, as with any transition, there were many hours of meetings and discussions to get the new executive director up to speed with the various tasks and challenges that faced the newly named PSAI. Membership was declining and this trend needed to stop as well. The McCarthy and Pauling team was exactly what the association needed during this time. In fact, Michael served as president for two terms to bring stability during this transition. Here are the Board members who served the PSAI so well during this initial two-year period: • President: Michael McCarthy, Mr John of Pittsburgh • Vice-President: Mike Pauling of Biffs, Inc. • Secretary: Jeff Moore of A Company, Inc. • Treasurer: Lothar Vermillion of ADCO & Dixi • Past President: Dorothy Sansom of Emergency Service Company • Barry Gump: Andy Gump, Inc. • Flay Anthony: Porta-Jon of the Piedmont, Inc. • Gene Howse: Lectric Lites Company, Inc. • Rex Kline: Slim's Sanitation, Inc. • Mary Macialek: Center Penn Service • Daniel Wilson: Rent-A-John • Tom Stange: C & L Sanitation, Inc. • Ron Inman: Northwest Cascade, Inc. • Dave Bandauski: Port-Able John, Inc. • Todd Boyd: J & J Chemical • Judge Coleman: Coleman Vacuum Tank Mfg Many of these names are familiar to most members. These individuals worked incredibly hard to reorganize and to strengthen our Association during this time. Mike Pauling and his family (continued on page 5)

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