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W EEKLY EDITION OCTOBER 16, 2019 Thi nki ng About Becom ing a PSAI Boa rd Memb er? By Jennifer Corrigan I began my adventurous career in portable san itation in 2002 as a sales rep. I will be honest, it was a brutal first year. But the owners of the company I worked for were so good to me I stuck it out; I thank the big guy upstairs every day that I did. My previous employers were huge advocates of education. They insisted I attend PSAI events. I'll a dmit, I was a little ner vous, but that was short lived. I gained a wealth of k nowledge throughout the years t hat enabled me to help others and eventually to own my own restroom company (JW Craft in 2015). I am serving on the Nominating Committee this yea r because we, the PSAI, want to continue the momentum we have in improving our industry. I have relationships all over the world with folks in our industry, and many voice their opinions on what they like and what changes they would like to make within ou r industry. So here is YOUR opportunity to make a difference. I sit on quite a few PSAI committees. They include the Public Education and Advocacy Initiative (EI), Members Success Initiative (MSI), Finance and Audit, and the Nominating Committee. I also se rve on the Board of Directors. We all work very hard to help contribute to the success of our industry through the PSAI. We are looking for a few good volun teers to run for the Board in the coming year. I began volunteering several years ago when I reali zed many of my colleagues were not just attending for their benefit, they were also giving back to our Association. I started out facilitating round table discussions and then sitting on committees. When someone sugges ted I run for the Board, I did. You ca n do it too. You won't be alone, and you'll learn right along with the rest of us. N one of us knew what to do at first — but we'll teach you the ropes and you'll do fine if you're the kind of person who shows up, keeps commitments, and wants what is best f or the portable sanitation industry. I felt I had enough experience to contribute and help make a difference. I'm guessing you do too! - J e n n i f e r C o rr i ga n P AGE 3 Jennifer Corrigan Board Vice President 2019 - 20 Nominating Committee

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