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A popular discussion at PSAI events is always, "How can I make more money?" This, of course, is a broad topic. If you think about it, the question covers several areas, any one of which could fill an entire book. These include strategies for: • Finding new business opportunities • Retaining existing customers • Effectively managing costs • Increasing profit margins • Deciding whether to expand into complementary business lines WEEKLY EDITION AUGUST 14, 2019 Heat - Related Issues in Portable Sanitation By Karleen Kos, PSAI Executive Director On August 5, scientists officially announced that July 2019 had been the hottest month ever recorded. August doesn't appear to be bringing cool breezes either. While all of us in Minnesota who suffered through snowstorms in April appreciate the extended warm days, we know that working conditions for portable sanitation professionals are difficult when it is hot outside. The ba d news: heat illnesses can cause serious injury, including death. The good news: all heat injuries are preventable, and everyone on the job can play a role in ensuring they don't suffer from ill effects in the heat. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 Tips for Making Money in the Portable Sanitation and Rental Business By Karleen Kos, PSAI Executive Director CONTINUED ON PAGE 1 2

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