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1 I PSAI Association Insight, December 1, 2021 Better worksites. Better weekends. Better world. On the Inside 11 Past Presidents Reflect upon the PSAI's Past: Ned Carpenter and Flay Anthony 19 Industry News: Satellite Industries Expands 20 PSAI Annual Convention and Trade Show: Register Now 22 Lawsuits over OSHA's ETS Will Be Heard by Sixth Circuit Court 25 Many Thanks to Our Urgent Run Sponsors! 26 Calendar December 1, 2021 Winterization: How to Prepare Restrooms and Equipment for Extremely Cold Weather (Part 2) By Pete from the Get Flushed Podcast Dosing While preventative measures can be used to protect toilets against the cold, dosing techniques are used to lower the freezing point of the water and waste. This allows the restroom to remain operational at much lower temperatures. The most common dosing materials are salt, methanol, and salt and methanol combined. Salt Brine (Sodium Chloride, NaCl) While fresh water starts to freeze at 32°F (0°C), a 5 percent solution of salt brine (made with ½ lb of salt per gallon or 60g of salt per litre of water) won't freeze until the ambient temperature drops below 25°F (-3°C). (Continued on page 2) HAPPY 50TH ANNIVERSARY TO THE PSAI All year we celebrate our 1971 founding! Get Out the Vote: Board of Directors Voting Is Open! It is that time of year when each of you get to exercise your right to influence your association. Each PSAI member will receive one electronic ballot to vote for your new board members. Please be sure you have the correct contact person for your ballot. If you need to make changes, contact info@psai.org as soon as possible. Electronic ballots are being emailed to your contact this week, so be on the lookout! Voting will close on December 31, 2021. (Continued on page 3) Portable Sanitation Association International News

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