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Association Insight, Sept 15 2021

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2 I PSAI Association Insight, September 15, 2021 Ewald Consulting will provide the PSAI with specialist staff support in each area of our organization's needs, e.g., conference planning, industry relations, membership development, marketing, training and certification, and so forth. They will also assign a staff leader that is acceptable to the PSAI to serve as our executive director. Because this person will not be doing all the things Karleen did, (s)he will probably also lead at least one other association for Ewald. This will free up resources to help the PSAI gain staff expertise we otherwise could not have afforded. This new model will help take the PSAI's services— and the portable sanitation industry—to a new level. We will have access to more specialized personnel who can help us in areas we currently lack staff resources, and our funds will be spent more economically because our most senior leader will not be bogged down with administrative duties that can be handled by others on the Ewald team. This new partnership with Ewald Consulting will equip the PSAI with increased capabilities and services to advance how we meet the needs of our membership and accomplish the goals (continued on page 4) First, let me tell you how we got to where we are. The Association's succession plan calls for a Search Committee to be formed that includes the Executive Committee as well as a Chair for a Committee, who is not a current board member, and a Past President. The committee was made up of seven members: • Co-Chairs: Jason Perry (current PSAI Vice President and Treasurer), Northwest Cascade Honey Bucket Ross Ambrose (current PSAI Secretary), Porta Serve • Members: Jennifer Corrigan (PSAI President), JW Craft Portable Restrooms Scott Thone (Immediate Past President), FusionSite Services John Marcucci (Senior Board Supplier), Walex Wendy Cross (Committee Chair), ServiceCore Jeff Wigley (Past President), retired, PSAI volunteer The starting point was to look at the reasons Karleen had elected to step aside. As she explained in her August 4 newsletter announcement, the decision was made to help create a path for our organization to grow. Another way to look at it is this: the organization has grown to the point where an Executive Director can't do all that needs to be done with the staff resources we have and, while we might be able to afford adding staff, that might not be the best use of resources to make the greatest gains. After many conversations, the SC and Board have decided the most optimal option for our Association to continue its growth is to pursue a vision that includes help from an association management company or AMC. The goal is to use the resources we have available for staffing and related overhead costs more strategically. AMCs are not new, and they exist all over the country. These organizations specialize in running associations using staff with varied, tested, skill sets. Rather than hire a replacement for Karleen, the PSAI is partnering with the AMC of Ewald Consulting (EC), based in Minneapolis. Ewald is fully accredited by the AMC Institute (AMCI), a non-profit trade organization focused on advancing professionalism and high industry standards for association management companies. The PSAI's Path Forward (continued from page 1) « « « « « « « David Ewald, founder, Ewald Consulting

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