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Association Insight October 28, 2020

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ASSOCIATIONINSIGHT Portable Sanitation Association International News BIWEEKLY EDITION OCTOBER 28, 2020 Page 3 National Make a Difference Day 2020…continued from page 1 Continued on page 4 As an industry, we have grown in public stature and our communities are more aware than ever of the work we do. We can build on that trend to "do good" both because it is the right thing to do and because it will continue to help transform the image of our industry. Each PSAI member company should give some thought to that. If you have not been involved in such work in the past, strongly consider "making a difference in your community" by helping other organizations or groups that may have needs during this time. After this tumultuous period ends, consider continuing such worthwhile projects. Fellow PSAI Members Have Paved the Way After being involved with the PSAI for the last 25 years, my observation is that the PSAI is among the most giving groups that exists in the small business environment. Many examples of charity, kindness, and community involvement have been shared through the years. • Donation of equipment. This is perhaps the most common form of assisting organizations and charitable groups. Some companies will donate 100 percent of the units, depending on the size of the event, while others offer across-the-board discounted rates, and others still will donate a unit for each predetermined quantity of units ordered. On occasion, the charitable organization will ask that the restroom company provide a logo for inclusion in promotional material for the event. In more recent times, placing the donating portable sanitation company's logo and a link on the customer's website has been effective. While this is certainly not the intention of any donation, advertising your company's help in the community is a nice benefit. • Donation of funds. Many charitable organizations have fund drives and solicit donations to aid in their efforts. Give what you can as individuals of course, but also consider giving through your company. Again, not that this should be the motivation for such a donation, these contributions could very well be tax deductible. They also get your company's name out there on donor lists and in other ways you can't pay for. • Donation of time. Some community improvement projects require only the time and the effort of dedicated volunteers. Some portable restroom companies allow employees to take time off from work to assist at a food bank, a recycling event, a garage sale, or working with a group on repairing a home. For example, several portable restroom companies have donated a unit as well as given their employees time to work on a Habitat for Humanity home in their community. • Support of an employee's personal charity. Encouraging and supporting employees that have a personal connection to a certain charitable group or organization is a nice way to improve the community on a more personal level and boost employee morale at the same time. Charities such as the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Fund, the American Red Cross, the National MS Society, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the American Diabetes Association, and Coats for Kids, are but a few of countless organizations and associations that rely on donations and contributions to help others.

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