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Association Insight Dec 26, 2019

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Note: T h e P S A I is c o m m i tt e d t o b r in g in g M e mb e rs i n d u s t r y n e w s . It c r e a t e s o r ig i n a l c o n t e n t a n d i t a g g re ga t e s n e w s th at ap p e a rs i n o t h e r s o u r c e s . U n l e s s o t h e rw i s e s t at e d i n o r g an i z a t io n al d o cu m e n t s o r i n A s s o c i a ti o n I n s i g h t n e w s l e t t e r s , t h e P S A I do e s n o t h a v e o r t ak e a p o s i ti o n o n t h e c o n t e n t o f n e w s i t e m s f ro m o t h e r s o u r c e s . Service Sanitation Presents Rapping Christmas Carols Those jolly souls at PSAI Member Service Sanitation in Gary, Indiana are once again serving up some holiday cheer for the season. The 2019 lighted Jingle Johns sing or rap Christmas carols. Just imagine "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" overlaid with the beat of Kendrick Lamar's "Humble." Service Sanitation started rolling out the Jingle Johns in 2013 to generate business during the winter slow down. Music videos of the portable toilets have gone viral on their website. "It puts our industry in a positive light," notes the company's marketing manager. READ THE ARTICLE The State of the Global "Toilet Revolution" Not everyone can take toilets for granted, especially those who live in areas of the world with widespread poverty. An article from the UK estimates that some 670 million people lack basic sanitary services. Efforts to provide service in India have, in some cases, been quick fixes that end up polluting water sources and leaving communities no better off. In China, the public sewer system has expanded in some newly developed localities. But in Shanghai, pockets of the population in older neighborhoods still lack proper facilities. Commonly, the segments of the population who lack sanitary services continue to be those most in need. READ THE ARTICLE PAGE 19 YEAR END EDITION DECEMBER 26, 2019

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