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W EEKLY EDITION NOVEMBER 6, 2019 J er ks At Wor k - An d Ho w T o De a l W ith T he m By Karleen Kos, PSAI Executive Director The manager's solution was genius: He invited the applicant to a company softball game, and here he showed his true colors. The applicant was competitive to the point of being manic. He abused and yelled at both the opponents and his own team. He cursed the referees and kicked up dirt like a major league player. And he did not get the job. Jerks and how to lose them The vast majority of people in any given business are nice. They're helpful, sympathetic, likable and quite simply good people. This is especially true of the portable sanitation industry. Only a tiny, tiny minority are consistently unpleasant or abrasive. You sometimes hear in business that "nice guys finish last," meaning that in a highly competitive business climate you need to be something of a jerk to get results. Consequently, people with difficult or abrasive personalities are tolerated (or even celebrated) in many organizations because "they may not be likeable but they get results." CONTINUED ON PAGE 1 2 solutions 2900 W. Kingsley Rd. Garland, TX 75041 Serving the Portable Sanitation Worldwide ODOR CONTROL • DEODORIZING • CLEANING SOLUTIONS www.cpacex.com 800-527-5722 , ext. 115 Direct 419-450-6208

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