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WEEKLY EDITION OCTOBER 9, 2019 Joke of the Week PSAI EVENTS Details: visit https://psai.org/psai-event-calendar/ The small town high school was putting on a production of The Lion King. The drama teacher wanted Mufasa's death scene to be the highlight of the show. But with barely enough students in the production, and no financial help from the school, she wasn't sure how to achieve a meaningful stampede of wildebeest in a rock canyon. One kid suggested that some of his little brother's 4th grade class could help. The energetic ones could be the wildebeests and the quieter ones could be dressed as rocks. It would solve the casting shortage and the little kids' families would undoubtedly buy tickets to the show. It was a win-win, everyone agreed. Over the next weeks everyone worked very hard on the show. The older kids learned their lines of course. The antsy 4th graders practiced following the leader and thundering like wildebeests, and the more staid ones worked on sitting quietly without moving, like rocks. On opening night, everyone was excited. The dress rehearsal had gone perfectly, and the death scene was better than any Broadway production. But you know what they say about perfect dress rehearsals ... During the performance - as the wildebeest herd started to thunder in - the leader saw his parents in the audience. He lost his concentration, got scared and ran to sit on their laps. As they had been so carefully trained to do, the other 15 wildebeest children swarmed after their leader into into the aisle, causing tremendous confusion. Meanwhile, the children playing the canyon rocks sat silently through it all. Which all goes to show our elders really knew what they were talking about when they said that in public, children should be scene and not herd. © Portable Sanitation Ass ociation International (PSAI) • 2626 E 82 n d Street, Suite 175 • Bloomi ngton, MN 55425 www.psai.org • 952-854-8300 NOVEMBER 2019 5-8 PSAI Nuts & Bolts Educational Conference - Houston, Texas 14 Virtual Training – Preparing for Hazards (Basic Tech Series) 19 World Toilet Day/World Portable Sanitation Day OCTOBER 2019 10 Virtual Training – Health, Safety, and Professional Excellence (Basic Tech Series) 17 PSAI special rate at the Omni Houston ends (or when rooms are filled, whichever comes first)

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