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W EEKLY EDITION AUGUST 21, 2019 G et ti ng Pa i d : Part I I H ow t o Ma ke Col l ect ions Ca l ls By Karleen Kos, PSAI Executive Director Well, you can hope and pray … or you can spring into action by making collection calls. This is no one's favorite thing to do, but it doesn't have to be the most dreaded either. You can learn ways of handling it that maximize your returns and minimize your headaches. In this article we'll look at two options. The f irst is making the calls yourself and/or having someone at your company do it. The second is hiring an outside firm to do it for you. PREPARING TO MAKE COLLECTION CALLS No one is born knowing how to make collection calls, but it is a skill you can develop . You have to be able to anticipate what the customer is going to say and be ready for anything, and you must remain in control of the call. For your collection call to be a success, it must always result in agreement as to what is to be done. Here are som e tips to get started: • Make this someone's job. If you are a "one man band," then make sure you build time into your schedule to make the calls yourself. The longer you let it go, the less likely it is that you'll get paid. • Regardless of who does it, the p erson making collection calls should schedule a regular time or day each week to make collection calls. • Nowadays, it is comparatively easy for delinquent customer to ignore you by letting calls go to voice mail and deleting email. Understand that the coll ection process may take multiple tries and a variety of media including calls, emails, texts, and/or letters. Create a process and accountability system within your office for this. • To make the collection process easier in the long run, prepare some standa rd email text and a phone script ahead of time. That will ensure you cover all the relevant points and give you some guidance when the customer raises objections or disagreements about what is owed. P AGE 2 CONTINUED ON PAGE 1 4

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