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W EEKLY EDITION JUNE 26, 2019 "The Importance and Value of Portable Sanitation" By Isabelle Fobbe , 2019 PSAI Scholarship Winner "Hurry!" The man yells, dragging two smaller hands behind him as they sprint towards the abandoned, rundown motel. He pulls the door shut behind them, blanketing the room in darkness as heavy footsteps pounded against the ground just outside the thin oak d oor. Heavy breaths are the only noise exchanged between the small group of three, no one speaking a word in fear of those outside being alerted of their whereabouts. "Okay," The old man says after several moments, turning to face the two small children b ehind him. He feels a lump grow in his throat at the sight of their shaking bodies and wide eyes. The young boy and girl looked younger than their elementary school age, in their tattered clothes and dirt covered faces. He gave them a small, hopefully comf orting, smile before continuing. "We should be safe here for now." Less than an hour later, the children are huddled close together under the rough comforter of the hotel bedspread, the old man giving them a soft smile as he lifts the sheets over their sh oulders. The only light in the room comes from the small fire in the corner of the room, the old man managed to find a few paper scraps to set the old fireplace ablaze. They didn't have to flick the light switches to know that the electricity had probably been shut off years ago, probably not long after the conflicts had begun and the hotel had been abandoned. The lack of electricity was not a burden, however, and had become the new normal for most people around the world these days. The soft flickering of the flames provided a source of comfort, as well as warmth, as it cast an eerie shadow over the children's faces. "Will you tell us the story again?" The small boy whispered, catching the old man's attention as he headed towards his own bed across the ro om. "About how it used to be?" The man's chest filled with warmth as he takes a seat at the foot of the bed, looking between the young boy and girl who had suddenly fell into his care after their parents had succumbed to the conflicts that waged the world . "The same story again? I am surprised you are not bored of it yet." P AGE 2 CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

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